Barbaric Splendor by Boris - Highlight Miniatures #2

This is the second of what will be an ongoing series of highlights of our miniatures - each will last a couple of weeks and offer a discount on the featured miniatures. This time we will be featuring the miniatures sculpted for us by Boris Szuster Woloszyn. Links provided for each miniature's purchase page.

From now until October 4 all of these miniatures are available at a discounted price of $5 each. This discounted price will show in your cart and at checkout.

During my first Kickstarter, a sculptor starting out in the industry and looking to get work into the worldwide market, contacted me and thus I was lucky enough to have Boris do his first work outside of Brazil. He had done some work for Fields of Gore there, and I was already a fan having acquired those! 

The first work Boris did for Barbaric Splendor Miniatures was Malarc - Barbarian Arena Champion. This is converted from a sculpt he had done that he had not been paid for - we both came up with some ideas and here he is!

Malarc - Barbarian Arena Champion

I also wanted a barbarian with a huge maul, and Boris had a sketch that he altered to create Borzyn The Brutal:

Borzyn The Brutal

Lastly from that Kickstarter, Boris had already sculpted a female with savage armor - I needed a stretch goal so we added in Gwynhyfhyr Yr Anwarraid:

Gwynhyfhyr Yr Anwarraid

We have one more miniature Boris did for us - Svein The Provoker. I had some ideas for an image and Boris brought them to amazing miniature life!

Svein The Provoker

Hopefully we can get on Boris' schedule again sometime - but for now, let's enjoy these barbarically splendid works, available at a reduced price until October 4 2020!

All paintjobs shown by The Artisan's Edge.