Clan clearance sale - 50% off all orders

The short story here is: 50% off all orders on remaining stock until July 31 at midnight. If Barbaric Splendor Miniatures returns in the future, the existing range will be restocked; but only if/when that might occur.

Long story: I started Barbaric Splendor Miniatures with the purpose of creating miniatures that appealed to me, and that would hopefully appeal to enough others to support more miniatures; each paying for the next. There was never an expectation of much, if any, profit. For awhile, this worked nicely - I was able to offer some amazing miniatures from equally amazing creators, amounting to what I dare say is a fine exemplar of a niche line of miniatures!

However, this is no longer tenable. I won't belabor that fact here with theories or excuses - I will just briefly offer up the plan for the immediate future and promise to keep those of you interested enough to be reading this posted.

For now, there will be no new miniatures put into production nor any restocks of existing miniatures. Once this clearance sale is over, I will move into trying to reshape the company in a way that allows it to move forward. The main idea there will be gaming sets that include maps, lore books, terrain/scenery, miniatures, game accessories, and probably/possibly game rules; each set will be themed around an area and/or storyline that makes all components work together. The sets willl be usable with any rules you like of course, but I would like to have a Barbaric Splendor game myself that is specific to my own ideas of the sword and sorcery genre. Ophidian Menace is already underway and will be the first. I am calling this prehistoric horror/sword and sorcery and it will involve serpentmen and their kind versus early "modern" humans (frankly its all a mix of my own fantasy pseudo-history ideas, those of my collaborators, and data on our world around 100,000 years ago). This project can be followed at its Facebook group: Barbaric Splendor solo/co-op game

The webstore will be put on hold as of midnight, July 31 2022. I hope to have the game kickstarter running by March 2023, but am still unsure how development will go.

Thank you to all of you have helped me to make Barbaric Splendor real thus far, and I hope to be able to return to our little niche sooner rather than later.