Datragg Invictus

This is the first of what will be an ongoing series of highlights of our miniatures - each will last a couple of weeks and offer a discount on the featured miniatures. I am going to start with the very first miniature Barbaric Splendor ever purchased - Datragg Invictus (both versions). Links provided for each miniature's purchase page.

From now until September 13 both versions of Datragg are available at a discounted price of $5 each. This discounted price will show in your cart and at checkout.

Datragg Invictus

The original version of Datragg was purchased from a talented sculptor named Leandro Ventic after seeing it on The Miniatures Page's forums. I knew I wanted to eventually start my own line of miniatures focusing on barbarians and swords and sorcery, and this one seemed a perfect place to start. Sadly it took a few years to bring that dream to fruition, but after some minor fixes for casting by Delbert Barnett at Eastern Front Studios, I was able to get him cast!

Datragg Invictus - Warlord

 Datragg Warlord was a conversion done on a master casting which saw the head replaced and given a winged helm, and a different sword (all conversion/sculpting work done by Leandro Ventic). The idea was to present the character at a different stage in his life/career; that and to take a chance to get in one of my favorite barbarian tropes - the winged helm!

Brother in barbarism Patrick Gordon, The Artisan's Edge, painted this excellent version of Datragg Warlord as well:


At the end of this special I will also be revisiting, sadly, shipping rates - I have not changed them in the 2 years that the webstore has been running and unfortunately rates have continued to increase. So this is also the last chance to take advantage of these outdated shipping rates!