New releases now in store; price drops on most miniatures!

We now have 4 new releases available in our webstore:

A: Oroszlan sculpted  by the legenday Mark Copplestone

B: Rasirith sculpted by Matt Gubser

C: Desdira sculpted by Kev White, based on  the character from the classic sword and sorcery novel "Oron" by David C. Smith (and fully licensed from the author).

D: Desdira, Skyclad version


Quite a lineup of sculptors!  I do not have a painted version of either Desdira yet, so the pictures are still the original sculpt and resin master for now, but the miniatures themselves will be metal.


Also, we have dropped prices on most miniatures and are at the lowest possible prices we can offer. It is our hope increased sales will make up the difference and fund future sculpts and projects - including our Kickstarter for solo/co-op game rules, terrain, scenery, sceanrios, miniatures, maps and accessories next year!