Llama Queen PRE-ORDER

Llama Queen PRE-ORDER

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Limited time pre-order for purchase of the Llama Queen shown as a solo miniature, without its mount

The Llama Queen will be available for a pre-order to determine how many solo castings to purchase - I cannot guarantee that solo orders will be possible in the future; however, this price is lower than the retail price will be should I offer it again.

Please note that she was sculpted to fit our War Llama miniature; as such she sits on a pad/pillow that may require some work to fit onto other mounts.

This pre-order will be open until April 30, 2019.

The miniatures will not ship until the end of May - please be aware of this before ordering. You may also include other miniatures to save on shipping - any order containing the solo Llama Queen will be considered a pre-order to ship at the end of May.

Sculptor: Kev White